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Dr. Peggy DeMers is a distinguished Alphorn expert and performer, renowned for her authentic contributions. In 1992, she collaborated with Swiss cultural administrator, Pro Helvetia, and Brigitte Bachmann-Geiser to create the first English comprehensive history of the Alphorn. Her exceptional talent was showcased when she secured 2nd place in the Champion Solo category at the 2022 Nendaz Switzerland International Cor des Alps Competition, building on her impressive top 10% ranking during her debut in 2017.


Dr. DeMers’ performances have spanned diverse venues, from the Anaheim Disney Oktoberfest alongside members of the Midwest Alphorn Retreat to being a guest artist at the 2006 Sigma Alpha Iota national event and the Swiss Embassy for the opening of the IMAX Eiger documentary. Since 1991, she also has extensive experience conducting clinics and workshops at various symposiums and organizations. Her achievements extend beyond performances, as she and her Alphorn graced the covers of notable publications, such as AAA Magazine and Minnesota American Traveler.


In 2009, Dr. DeMers, alongside founder John Griffith, established the Midwest Alphorn Retreat, where up to 25 Alphornists gather each summer to immerse themselves in Alphorn culture and music. Participants from the Midwest Alphorn Retreat have showcased their talents at events across the United States, Canada, and Switzerland. Dr. DeMers’ collaborative efforts with the International Horn Society and the Midwest Alphorn Retreat have led to numerous performances and commissioned compositions for multiple keyed Alphorns, including A Noble Calling. Her performances are accessible on platforms like YouTube and the MSR Classics label. 


Beyond her Alphorn pursuits, she boasts a rich musical background, having served as principal horn in various orchestras and currently holding the position of principal horn in the Lake Charles (Louisiana) Symphony. She also serves as faculty and guest artist at the Assisi Performing Arts Music Festival in Assisi, Italy, since 2004. Her international experiences include being a member of the Spoleto Festival USA and the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy, from 1993 to 1998, along with appearances as a guest artist and principal horn soloist at the Mezzogiorno Concert Series in collaboration with Gian Carlo Menotti’s Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italy.

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