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About Treble C Music


Treble C Music was formed in 1994 to better distribute the work of Christian composers throughout the United States and abroad. The company name was carefully devised to be interpreted on several levels. 

The word “treble” obviously is a common musical term designating highest. When defined as “three” in conjunction with the letter “C,” additional interpretations can be employed. Treble C then defines an acronym for Contemporary Christian Composers. 

There is also a bit of humor in our choice of a company name. The original founders and composers of the Treble C Music were based in three regions of the United States. Wisconsin, Maryland, and Louisiana are each associated with large bodies of water (the Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico), thus a pun on three “seas.” The famous products of these states also begin with “C”—namely, cheese, crabs, and crawdads! 

Treble C Logo crop 2.png

Treble C Music’s trademarked logo was specially designed to incorporate the concepts of its founders. The familiar shamrock or trefoil is the basis for our logo, surrounding its contents with interconnecting rings used to symbolize the three parts of the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

A bold letter “C” highlights the interior border of each circle. The center treble clef designates the highest staff of the grand staff and the first part of the company name. 


The shamrock is also a familiar Irish symbol, acknowledging the heritage of two of our premier writers and the location of our company, Glen Burnie. 

About Our Logo

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