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"[Peggy DeMers'] work to make this an accessible resource has resulted in a landmark addition to our repertoire.”

"I would advocate strongly for its inclusion in the library of any hornist."

"DeMers has given us a wonderful resource to learn about a beautiful heritage of music and heart. Her work to make this revered collection of Swiss melodies accessible will allow the horn and alphorn communities to enjoy and preserve this rich legacy.”

                —Dr. Natalie Grana, International Horn Call


"Congratulations, Peggy, on your newly published translation of A. L. Gassmann's The Little Alphorn Book. I have known of the original 1938 Swiss publication of this work for many years and have played through many of the traditional melodies he presents. Now it is finally available and possible for all English language readers to learn from his numerous opening chapters which delve deeply into the traditions, the craft, the fundamentals, the legends, and the magic that is this wonderful instrument. That you have formatted your book to coincide with the original edition's page layout for comparison is wonderful, and that you have published it with a spiral binding makes it most practical for all serious Alphorn blowers."


                 —Douglas Hill, Emeritus Professor of Horn, University of Wisconsin–Madison

"I couldn’t get enough of it!…Such an important piece of history that you’ve given us." 


                 —Sean Slatter, The Alphorn Podcast 

"The Gassman is THE book for alphornists and THE book for preserving the ancient tunes from the homeland…like Bartok and Grainger did with their folksong collections. Two or three of the pieces in this book are the most famous alphorn melodies that everyone wants (and has) to play, that bring Swiss to tears, have been heard by billions over the years, and have had major impacts on classical composers and the course of classical music. The 'problem' with the book has always been the Swiss-German. Facebook groups and alphorn retreats are plastered with questions about translations of parts of the book. So this book will QUICKLY become a must–have for U.S. Alphornists. It’s going to be a big deal in a small community."

                 —Dr. Heidi Lucas, Associate Professor of Horn, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"I haven't been able to put it down since it arrived!"

                 —John Griffith, Co-founder, Midwest Alphorn Retreat



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